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Web design of unique search engine optimized site

Site gives a profit

  • The modernization and promotion are necessary for your site? We will have carried out this work, thus having filled your business with energy.
  • We guarantee efficiency of your site, with which help you can as much as possible untwist failure business.
  • We guarantee occurrence of a site on the first pages of search systems.

Advantages of a site

  • Through inquiries in search systems on a site there come up to 80 percents of the target users.
  • The purpose of promotion of a site is the yield on the first page on the given search inquiry.

Controlled site

  • It is not necessary to you to have knowledge in programming or web-design.
  • Any man women able to use the computer, can change the contents of a site developed by us.

Web design, modernization promotion of the site, seo

The business without advertising is equivalent to winking to the girl in complete darkness.

Stewart Henderson Britt

Web design, modernization, promotion of site in Poltava

Consulting firm Technologies of Sustainable Development suggests developing or modernizing for your firm (organization) a site, and also for of your site to carry out promotion campaign in the Internet: placement of banners and articles in three languages on the popular site, manual registration of a site on more than 15 popular search servers.

  • On a site the counter of visiting of the pages, not adhered to any other servers that allows controlling interest to your business or activity and also efficiency of promotion campaign according is to your desire established.
  • The site in three languages (ru, ua, and en) is accessible to the majority of search systems that considerably increases chance of your potential client to find you at boundless ocean of the Internet, and, hence, raises its efficiency.
  • The interactive site gives you new opportunities to increase its efficiency: you can change the price-lists placed on a site, other information, not resorting to services of webs - designers or programmers. In other words, you can constantly update a site that also increases a rating of a site in search systems. the majority of our sites are written on PHP-4, use MySQL databases.
  • Criteria of search always are in the center of our attention during development of a site. the site developed by us, is optimized on many parameters for simplification of search by search systems.
  • In due time updated information on a site enables the Customer or the Buyer to make the order for your goods or services directly from your site - all this allows to save considerably time of your managers for registration of Orders and thus to promote increase in sales of the goods and services.
  • On developed sites we place references to a site developed for you, (if not the Customer objects), that also raises a rating of a site and expands a circle of persons which can familiarize with your goods and services, and, hence, potential buyers can faster find the information on your goods and services.
  • We will give to you a full code of a site which you can adapt for your needs.

The modern site is considered modern because on it graphic materials, video with a sound, animation files and many other things are placed.

New Age of Information: the Internet. Gathering date, while necessary in almost any marketing research project, has traditionally been a tedious and boring job. the researcher often had to write to governmental agencies, trade associations, or other secondary date providers and then wait days or weeks for reply than might never come. Often, one or more trips to the library were required and the researcher might find that needed reports were checked out or missing. In the last few years, the rapid development of the Internet and World Wide Web promises to eliminate the drudgery associated with the collection of data.

Finding Data on the Internet. If you know the address of the particular Web site that contains the data that you are searching for, you can type a description of what you are looking for directly into your Web browser. A Web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in similar to a street address in that it identifies a particular location (Web server and file on that server) on the Web.
Search Engines Sites such as AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, AOL, Netscape, Google, MSN, Dogpile, DMOZ, Ask Jeeves, Aport and Google have become popular. Web users looking for information on the Web. these organizations offer what are called search engines that scan the Web looking for sites on a designated topic. Each search engine uses its own indexing system to locate relevant information. All of them allow users to enter one or more keywords that will initiate search of the database of Web sites for occurrences of those words. they then return listings that allow users to go immediately to the sites described.

Why the site is indispensable for your firm?

First of all, your competitors already have placed a site or have been gathering to do it as soon as possible. It means, that your potential clients can faster receive the information on the goods and services of your competitors, and then to go to them.

Secondly, you, having placed the site in a World Wide Web, receive at your permanent disposal (as against advertising in printed publicity materials, on a wireless and television) relatively a low-budget method of informing about your goods and services of audience practically all over the world.

In third, the necessity to use expensive telemarketing (marketing by telephone) decreases, quantity of entering calls from the potential clients, which one wish to receive the information on your goods and service becomes lower that, in turn, saves yours and your staff a working hours.the Web the site, probably, stands alone as a unique method to inform operatively the consumers of other regions and countries on your goods and services.

The extension of geography of markets of sales is actually not only for large corporations, the production of which considerably exceeds the consumption of its products and services in nearby territory, but also for small firms, which one have been producing the expensive, high-quality, exclusive goods in a small amount, the sales which one in conditions of city or region also is limited. On the one hand, client living outside of city or region of the manufacturer, but wishing to buy the expensive goods (for example, the furniture or joiner's items) has no the information on them, therefore both consumer and manufacturer lose.

It is easily and fast to update the information on a site. As it was mentioned above, the most of the respectable potential customers of your service and goods are inclined to keep abreast of the times, using in the operation modern technologies, which permit fast, rather cheaply to receive the information on the suppliers of the goods and services, its characteristics. there are less and less of marketers, suppliers, and managers have been visited tens different firms to collect the information about price, features, and assortments of the goods and services in order to compare it. It is much more conveniently to do it in the Internet, not leaving houses or office.

The web site gives possibility to serve the clients under the formula 24/7 (24 hours per day, 7 days per week), not placing additional offices on new territories and not hiring staff.

There is possibility of on-line sales. the sales increase. the on-line shops become the same customary phenomenon, as well as traditional. the profitability on-line shop is obvious because of following advantages:

  • the costs of working area, staff, printed advertising decrease;
  • there are possibility to see all assortments of products quickly;
  • there is possibility to order the product with delivery to home or office.

We provide a full spectrum of services on Web-design:

  • We create the site and promote it;
  • We revise existed site in order to increase its efficiency.

Having ordered a site, you receive not only real growth of current sales, but also increase of the profit in a long-time perspective. the increase of number of the target visitors searching machine, no doubt, will increase number of your potential customers.

Placing a site as the manufacturer of the goods and services, you can save time of your managers who supplied by components and materials, as the manufacturers of materials and components, which one are used on your production, can find out information about you and operatively grant to you the information on novelties. To be always afloat means to receive competitive advantages, to raise ratio the quality / price, simultaneously reducing production costs. Contact us right now!

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