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Contributing to the service culture

Our intention is to raise your awareness, prompt your thinking

The two-day seminar for the customer service employees, field service people and so on

Why this training is important?

The business world, society, and the world wide demographics have changed dramatically in recent decades. the pace of these changes is greatly accelerating and more changes will come. Further, with advances in Technology, change is happening in the business world at a phenomenal pace.

In this situation to better understand these processes, to rise skills, knowledge about technology and people for anyone working in business today is the single way to keep abreast of the times.

Our intention is to raise your awareness, prompt your thinking, give you step-by-step suggestions for improvement, and provide you with a valuable reference for information on how you and your organization can deliver service excellence. the information contain in training’s materials will benefit you whether you are new to dealing with others in a business setting or are more experienced with internal customer (e.g. consumers, vendors, or other end user of products).

The skills, strategies, and techniques outlined in this training are valid in any industry because they are directed toward identifying customer needs and, then satisfying those needs.

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  1. Define customer service.
  2. Identify the socioeconomic and demographic changes that have influenced customer service.
  3. Recognize the factors responsible for a shift to a service culture.
  4. List the six major components of a customer-focused environment.
  5. Explain the elements of a service culture.
  6. Describe the job responsibilities of a typical service provider.
  7. Realize that service delivery is similar in large and small organizations.
  8. Recognize customer friendly systems.
  9. Implement strategies for promoting a positive service culture.

Who should listen this course:

The present training is designed for the customer service employees, field service people and so on.

Schedule of the training:

First day
Introduction, trainer, materials of the course, participants: 9:00
Topic I: What is customer service?
  • Defining customer service.
  • Customer-focused organizations.
  • The concept of customer service.
  • The shift to service.
Topic II: Growth of the service sector
  • Impact of the economy.
  • Quantity of jobs being created.
  • Addressing the changes.
  • Societal factors affecting customer service.
Coffee break: 11:00
Topic III: Six factors that make up a service environment and contribute to customer service delivery.
  • The customer.
  • Organizational culture.
  • Human resources.
  • Products/deliverables.
  • Delivery system.
  • Service.
  • Why should organizations provide good service?
Coffee break: 15:30
Topic IV: Defining a service culture
  • Eight elements of a service culture.
    • Service philosophy or mission
    • Employee role and expectations.
    • Delivery systems.
    • Policies and procedures.
Completion of the day. Summing up 17:30
Second day
  • Product and services.
  • Management support.
  • Motivators and rewards.
  • Training.
  • 9:00
    Topic V: Establishing a service strategy
    • Seven steps in creating company's service environment.
    Coffee break: 11:00
    Topic VI: Customer friendly systems
    • Typical system components.
    • Advertising.
    • Complaint resolution.
    • Delivery systems.
    • Tools for service measurement.
    Topic VII: Twelve strategies for promoting a positive service culture
    • Separating average companies from excellent companies.
    Coffee break:15:30
    Topic VIII: What customer want
    • Personal recognition.
    • Courtesy.
    • Timely service.
    • Professionalism.
    • Enthusiastic services.
    • Empathy.
    • Patience.
    Completion of the day. Summing up 17:30
    During the training distributing materials will be granted (questionnaire, booklets, practical recommendations), the role games, tests will be conducted, audio records will be listened, exercises will be performed.
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