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System of control of knowledge of students

The consulting firm "TSD"

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alternative energy

  • Solar energy, alternative energy, environmental problems

    Solar energy, alternative energy, environmental problems

  • Each day more energy falls to the Earth from the sun's rays than the total amount of energy the planet's 7,3 billion inhabitants would consume in 27 years.
  • Only in the last few decades-when growing energy demands, increasing environmental problems and declining fossil fuel resources made us look to alternative energy options-have we focused our attention on truly exploiting this tremendous resource.
  • The requirement for energy in space for powering satellite systems provided a big impetus to advance the technology.

Training of staff


Software for banks


Monitoring of a condition of the current files of payments of bank


Work with files statistical accounting


Convenient and fast search of the information



Software for the analysis of statistics of bells through mini phone station


Formation of inquiries ftpmail and www4mail for servers


Software reduces date and time of creation of files jpg from metadata


Emulator of pressing of keys of the keyboard


Replacement (renaming) in names of files containing Ukrainian "i" on latin "i".


Analysis of a file of the protocol created by communication package T-MAIL

Miscellaneous software

Data base

Analysis and conclusion of the necessary information of databases Oracle, mySQL, Informix, Interbase (Firebird), Btrieve on a basis SQL of inquiries by means of ODBC

Analysis of Protocols of work

File of the works protocol of the device can be analyzed with program and the result can be deduced on print

Program Complex for a file exchange

At presence of central unit and also subordinated clusters (for example, central office and branches), which is territorial are distributed(allocated) there is a necessity file exchange between them. For this purpose the program complex is developed.

Economical analysis

  • Pricing of joiner's products

    The price is one of four instruments of a marketing complex known under the name 4? (product, price, place, promotion).

Hand registration of site on popular search engines

Results of the answers on the Tests

Web design, modernization, promotion, seo under reasonable price in Poltava
Brief list last works

Web design: Service

Short list of sites, worked out lately

Web design: Production

Productive enterprises of Ukraina
Web design, modernization, promotion, seo under reasonable price in Poltava
Web design in Poltava
Alternative energy - energy of the future