Sample of the Science Project

The Project of production of solar batteries is designed, which purpose is to involve most of the silicon production facilities in this process. The project will allow not less than in 10 times to magnify the profit from export, to create workplaces, to support electronic, glass, chemical etc. branches of industry. It will be possible to export materials and ready hardware products, which practically outside of ready systems have no chances to be exported: glass, chemical materials, diodes, transistors, thyristors, furnishing, materials of an electronic technology.

The Market of the Solar Batteries

The market of solar batteries can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Powerful electric stations of terrestrial basing. It is the most volumetric and dynamical market (see the table 1). The size of production in 2003 is expected at a level 200 Wt only in Germany.
  2. Systems of space basing. The Ukrainian space vehicles, in general, are completed by the Russian solar batteries, which cost defines the cost of a space vehicle.
  3. Powerplants of local application: power supply of radio equipment, telephones - automata, buoys, cash machines on paid parking places, lighting of bus stops, charging of accumulators of automobiles etc.
The table 1.

World cell/module production, consumer and commercial, 1994-2002 (MW). Source: PV News, Vol. 22, No. 3, 2003

Region PV production by year (MW)
1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
16.5 16.4 21.2 35.0 49.0 80.0 128.6 171.22 251.07
21.7 20.1 18.8 30.4 33.5 40.0 60.66 86.38 135.05
25.64 34.75 8.85 51.0 53.7 60.8 74.97 100.32 120.6
5.6 6.35 9.75 9.4 18.7 20.5 23.42 32.62 55.05
69.44 77.6 88.6 125.8 154.9 201.30 287.65 390.54 561.77

Original material, which is necessary for production of solar batteries - silicon, which production in Ukraine still is possible for restoring in former sizes. The silicon photo converters dominate and during next 10-20 years will dominate on the market, therefore it is important to operate on two directions simultaneously - on silicon and on thin film photo converters. Already today there are scientific and practical developments of the Ukrainian scientists and businessmen, which at rather small initial capital expenditures can give without exaggeration fantastic outcome. It is, first of all thin film photos converters on a basis CuInSe2, CdTe and polymeric basis, which technology already is real today and can give practical outcome. If the thin film photo converters will be used in large scales the price for the electric power will be below today's price.

Thus, the project is founded on substantial domestic developments and achievements, has a stable foundation and perspective. If to have in view that the solar batteries are possible for producing on export, and the primary expenditures pay off during the first year of industrial production, this project is possible to refer to a number of most attractive for the investments both domestic and foreign.

Stages of implantation of the projects in Ukraina:

  • Obtaining of the investments and foreign productions technology of silicon solar batteries. The necessity of the foreign investments will allow to spare time and will enable to not lose an existing domestic potential of silicon production.
  • Deployment of production of solar batteries on the basis of silicon with annual amount $100 million during three years.
  • Organization of production of thin film CuInSe2, CdTe photo converters on the basis of domestic developments.
  • Organization of production of solar batteries with usage of concentrators.
  • Deployment of production of solar batteries up to 1000 Wt per one year with a total cost $1000 million. Such amount of solar batteries will allow to spare 20 million Tons of conventional fuel yearly.

The analysis of the current situation displays:

  • in spite of the fact that in Ukraine concentrated about 10 % of world facilities on production of silicon, for today the silicon fulfilling conditions of production of solar batteries, first of all under the price, simply cannot be bought, since such silicon is delivered in Ukraine;
  • the price parameters of the Ukrainian silicon correspond to world price parameters. A one reason, on our view, is - low efficiency of the production which is our historical heritage.


  • Apparently, that the scale release of solar batteries in Ukraine is possible only at creation of association inside Ukraine consolidating all cycles of production: from obtaining metallurgical silicon up to the release of a photo modules.
  • It is necessary to do the careful technical and economic analysis of a status of production of silicon in Ukraine with usage of modern techniques of the analysis of the price. To involve in production only technically and organizationally justified productive capacities and minimally necessary staff.
  • If it will be not possible to adjust production of cheap primary silicon (secondary silicon we simply don't have), it is necessary to search for the markets of secondary silicon, to buy and to deliver it in Ukraine.

To provide reliable and effective frame of handle, organization of modern technological base, which will allow to realize the release of competitive production probably, having implemented such circuit:

Idea > Staff > the Credit > the Technology > an Infrastructure> Equipment > Production > Certification > Distribution

In modern conditions any production can survive only at obtaining the profit. In other words, production is necessary for selling. In Ukraine there is no sufficient consumer ability to buy solar batteries; the building of state large power station which operate on energy of the sun, is problematic because is no sufficient experience of implementation of such projects, there is no concept of development of a solar power engineering, there are no precedents, eventually, time from the present moment before implementation of the essential project simply extremely is far away.

It is necessary to use only the external market. To reach the external market, it is necessary to have, first of all, certificated production. Fast to pass path up to the release certificated on standards ISO 9001, 9002 productions are possible, utillizing technologies of leading firms, such as SOLAREX, SIEMENS, BP SOLAR, UNITED SOLAR SYSTEMS Corp etc. In " The European Business Directory " it is possible to find address tens companies, which are engaged in problems of production and usage of solar batteries. To implement the above-stated scheme it is possible only in case the staff controlling the project of production of solar batteries, will possess the control stake of the stocks (50 % + 1 stock).

For successful implementation of the project it is necessary already on the initial stage to develop the program of public relation, which essence to involve in an orb of support of the project of the principals of cities, regional administrations, deputies, people from administration of the President of Ukraine. Without their support to count on the credits, and furthermore on the grant of government it is not necessary. This project is invoked to solve this problem.

We shall give one of optional versions of solution of a problem. For today there are a lot of firms of electronic industry, including in Poltava, are exposed on a pecuniary privatization. One of the possible solutions of a problem, in our judgment, could be such: why it is a little to not change the process of a privatization and to not return firm under fruitful idea, which all over the world is considered as major value than money. The ideas and people capable to realize them are, material resources are available in the country too. Ukraine can and wishes to bring in the contribution to solution of global problems. It is necessary to find such organizational forms, such economic and financial solutions, which would allow to connect in a single unit all separate potential.

Parsing the current situation in a world and taking into account the planned tendency of economic increasing in Ukraine, the authors of the Project consider that there is suitable time for implementation of the projects.