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System of control of knowledge of students

The school of “trial and error” or…

The most strategic factor in business today is knowledge
  • Our goal is to help our partners successfully enter-and remain in- chosen market segment. Your success is our success.

Consultants in sphere of business, finance and marketing

In order to effectively to manage firm it is necessary to keep management accounts that permits feedback between decisions and results

On modern stage of economic development of Ukraina, many problems related to large, middle and small business exist. There is no doubt that character and depth of these problems are different. If take into consideration, that large business and part of middle business are transformation of former soviet enterprisers, small business simply must to begin from “clean sheet”. It may be seemed paradoxically, but keeping a look-out and experience show that despite on different history of birth and size the problems take place in all groups; no one do not have advantages in terms of presence or absence of problems. Privatization of large plants and factories have given for modern owners not only large material resources but simultaneously with old powerful basic assets (in most cases no effective) they have received all shortfalls of technology and management. In this case, small business, which did not receive something in process of privatization, has possibility to begin production or service according to rules and demands of free market economy.

Similar problems, nevertheless, exist too. First of all, these problems take place in process of effective usage of marketing. It is not at all. In order to effectively to manage firm it is necessary to keep management accounts that permits feedback between decisions and results. Education in school of “trial and errors” requires too much time, is expensive and most often has been ended by loss in competition.

The most strategic factor in business today is knowledge

Sometimes, we can hear: digging gold from industry data. Most business owners are motivated and hardworking and usually have a good knowledge of production and sales. they could hardly be in any type of business without these skills. But these same people, educated in the school of “trial and error”, need to understand and build on the following fundamentals:

  • Correct distributions of expense and overhead items.
  • Sound credit policies.
  • Effective inventory control.
  • Proper balance of assets to capital.
  • Management of liabilities.
  • Reasonable distribution of profits between owner bonuses and funding future growth.

These fundamentals are based upon knowledge.

We understand the importance of time, so our consultations and training are designed to accommodate busy managers and employee’s lifestyles. therefore, we work not only during working time but also out of it and in weekend.


Often, business fail (or owners fell “uncomfortable” with their decisions) due to a lack of feedback – it’s like driving a car blindfolded. You may know where you going, but you don’t know where you have been, and you sure don’t know where you are! You may be wondering: What should my inventory, bad debts, payroll, advertising, rent etc., be as a percentage of sales? Are my expenses too high or too low? Fortunately, finding these answers is possible.

Consulting firm “Technologies of Sustainable Development” will help you to estimate expenses, its expediency and validity. Our specialists will work closely with you to identify actual problems and will offer ways to solve it.

What does it take to run a PROFITable business?

According to the statistics: Business with fewer than 20 employees have only a 37% chance of surviving 4 years and only a 9% chance of surviving 10 years. And some business are even worse. For example: Restaurants only have a 20% chance of surviving 2 years. The high failure rate should not be much of surprise to anyone. Most people who enter small business have at least some technical knowledge, but very few have solid business skills. Here are a few things that business owners are responsible for:

  • Organization.
  • Finance and money management.
  • Marketing.
  • Employees hiring, motivating, training.
  • Rights of suppliers, customers and employees.
  • Office management
  • Tax regulation

With all this… you deserve a reasonable profit. It is our specific goal to get a return on your investment of at least 25% per year and that is after paying all of your expenses, including paying yourself a “reasonable” salary.

The increasing role of technology in customer service

Customer service is 24/7 responsibility, and technology can assist in making it effective. To say that technology permeated almost every aspect of life in most modern countries would be an understatement. Computers are continually becoming smaller, more complex, and powerful. Most businesses are technologically dependent in some forms. Distinct advantages accrue to organizations that use technology. Trough the use of computers, software, and various telecommunication devices, a company can extend its presence without physically establishing a business site and without adding staff. Simply by setting up a web site, organizations can become known and develop a worldwide customer base. Staying on top of competition with technology is an expensive venture. New and upgraded software and hardware appear almost every day. If a company is using systems that are six months old, these systems are on their way to becoming obsolete. Also, new technology typically brings with it a need to train or retrain staff. The end result is that employees have to be taken away from their jobs for training.

Consulting Firm “Technologies of Sustainable Development” will help you to avoid or reduce negative influence of rapidly changed technology on your business, you and your personnel.

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