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The test for knowledge of principles of professional advertising

Respond to the following questions

Advertising and promotion goods and services may make or break any business. Having a good product or service and not advertising and promoting it are like not having a business at all.

Many business owners operate under the mistaken concept that the business will promote itself, and channel money that should be used for advertising and promotions to other areas of the business. therefore, our consulting firm has been advising to consider advertising and promotions as the lifeline of a business and to treat it as such. We constantly reminder to our clients about necessity to remember the more care and attention they devote to their marketing program, the more successful the business will be.

We offer you to respond to some of many questions you can receive right answers on it during participation in our trainings.

No doubt the result of this test will give you valuable information to analyze.

Question 1
A phenomenon in which spending for advertising and sales promotion increases sales or market share up to a certain level but then produces diminishing return is
an advertising response function marketer's costly error low ratings of the media
Question 2
New brands with a small market share tend to spend for advertising and sales promotion than those with a large market share
proportionately more proportionately less equally
Question 3
can change consumers' deeply rooted values can change consumers' deeply rooted attitudes may succeed in transforming a person's negative attitude toward a product into a positive one
Question 4
A well-known rule of thumb in the advertising industry is:
Sell the sizzle, not the steak Sell the steak, not the sizzle
Question 5
When consumers have a neutral or favorable frame of reference toward a product or brand, advertising often influences them
negativly positively in no way
Question 6
It may be more important for media planners
to reach as many consumers in as many media vehicles as possible to achieve a certain number of exposures in any one particular medium
Question 7
the ________________ is more important when selecting media vehicles.
ratings (the number of people tuning in to any part of the program) holding power
Question 8
About _____________of a newspaper's pages are now filled with advertising.
5% two-thirds one-thirds
Question 9
the major types of advertising are:
institutional advertising product advertising institutional advertising and product advertising
Question 10
Advertising whose purpose is to foster a positive company image among the general public, investment community, customers, and employees is
product advertising. institutional advertising.
Question 11
Advertising designed mainly to promote goods and services is
institutional advertising. product advertising.
Question 12
Advertising classified into three main categories: pioneering, competitive, and comparative is
product advertising. institutional advertising. publicity
Question 13
A major determinant of the type of advertising used to promote it is
feature_tests of the product. a product's place in the product life cycle. low level of sales. high level of sales.
Question 14
the W. B. Doner advertising agency, whose philosophy was best articulated by its founder, Brod Doner: Ads are created to charm, disarm, and___________.
buy sell deliver

Before pushing on the button check your answer on each question. Absence of answer on any question decreases your chances to receive high grade.

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