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Analysis of economical approaches

Director of the corporation "Eskaler" Igor Bulannyi acquaints with the result of the analysis of the joiner's labour productivity
  • Director of the corporation "Eskaler" Igor Bulannyi acquaints with the result of the analysis of the joiner's labour productivity.

Technicoeconomic analysis

The single right way for the company to be afloat is to revise periodically an own system of operation

It is necessary to change economical and finance approaches, management, and principles of learning and training of staff.

Consulting firm "Technologies of Sustainable Development" since its establishment has been using the own practical and proved methods and specializes on conducting of complex analysis of finance, management (including making and realization of decisions), HP, and so on. On the base of comprehensive analysis the verbal and written practical recommendation (how to improve effectiveness of management, methods of work with personal and others) are given to the Clients.

During cooperation the indispensable help in compiling both of the current and perspective budgets (financial plans) are given to the Customer concerning him as the legal person. Also we develop recommendation concerning concrete actions and measures. the analysis and realization of the recommendations reduce the operational and other expenses, increase the profit to the Client.

If the Client desires, the Consulting firm "Technologies of Sustainable Development" participates in making decisions, develops and gives adequate recommendations in order to increase effectiveness of management.

During the analysis of activity both own, and other corporations, became apparent, that for efficient management of firm it is necessary to adjust the management accounts (in other words - management information), taking into consideration, that purpose of business accounting (book keeping) is to ensure exact payment to the state of taxes from the firms.

The management accounts

In the management accounts, which one is organized under diverse scheme, than business accounting, last enters into it as the constituent. the business accounting (book keeping) is constructed on the count of what the client has given to us, but client who is the source of our income, salary, and profit, remains outside the count.

The purpose of adjustment of the management accounts:

1. To determine the information for pricing. the fundamentals of modern principles of definition of the price, and, therefore, obtaining a profit, are so-called "System" a Nil percents of an overhead expense. In other words, a system of the count of variable costs, wich allows to avoid Effect of "Titanic" at development new and production already existing goods, services and products. the experience demonstrates, that the similar goods in the same corporation can have differed in 2-3 times price.

2. To find out availability of the marginal income for each goods, service, and product separately, using the mentioned above method. the necessity of finding out of the marginal income on each item, goods, service, product is grounded by following factors:

  • Traditionally for calculation of a current price the average percents of an overhead expense, obtained from results of activity during the past quarter, are used;
  • the variable costs of production of the goods or service are not precisely determined;
  • Often for convenience of the count of costs the variable costs are transferred in category of constant costs.

In practice we can finds out, that the some goods are simply necessary for removing it from the sale or production, or to increase the price on them. In any case, such approach gives immediate outcome.

3. To organize the record keeping of the information about the client (old, new client), quantity of a new clients, loss of an old clients. To receive the information about: is the Client profitable or non-profitable.

4. To evaluate labour productivity (at the given phase speech goes about labour productivity of employees, managers, staff of an orb of marketing and sales and others). Our corporation designs techniques of definition of labour productivity, offers the schemes of planning, count, analysis and estimation of a transactions of staff. the experience demonstrates, that such approach gives fast appreciable effect.

the cooperation with the Client is built in concordance with the written Negotiation. We guarantee b confidence of information and safety for the Client.

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