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Test "Creative thinking Skills"

Try to recognize replete and hungry poll bears and their quantity on the dice

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No doubt, he or she despite of many readed books before early or later ask himself: "Be or not to be" - no matter there is a business, sport, art or person life. If you are creative you will be able easily overcome barriers and reach desirable goals.

Create means cause something to exist or make something new or original. God created the world. Dickens created many wonderful characters in his novels. Is there anything left for us to create?

Sometimes his or her behavior created a bad impression. But most of us do another choice - creation in the best meaning of this word. To become a valued asset, you need to be able to be creative, to do useful and creative work to go beyond normal paradigms (the way you typically view things).

The test offered to you turns out to be difficult for many people - only 13.7% of people who started the test reach the stage of obtaining an assessment.

So, here you will be able to train and develop patience, attention, the ability to think logically, as well as evaluate all these qualities on which creativity is based.


Hungry is that one who want to eat and able to eat a horse and is opposite to replete.

Replete is those who eated too mach food, stuffed or gorged with food and drink and is opposite to hungry.

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