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The marketing envinronment and education

Training “The marketing envinronment and education”

The one-day seminar for the administrative board of high educational institutions, teachers

Why is relevant this training:

The necessity of integration of Ukraine in the global free market environment requires respective alterations in activity of all institutions of society, including reforming of an education system. In developed countries marketing and its tools, which one are known as 4Р (a product, a price, a place and promotion), are widely used in activity of educational institutions.

After completion of this training:

The administrative board of an educational institution will receive knowledge and skills on application of tools of marketing (4Р) with the purpose of obtaining competitive advantages, improvement of the quality of education, extension of the markets on realization of educational services, increase of the profit.

Who should listen this course:

The present training is designed for the administrative board of high educational institutions, teachers.

Schedule of the training:

Introduction, trainer, materials of the course, participants: 9:00
Topic I:Categories of marketing, product and its characteristics in an education system9:45
Topic II: Orientation of education on needs of the market, adapting of educational institutions to continuous changes of the external and internal marketing environment10:00
Coffee break: 11:00
Topic II:
  • Selection of the teachers in educational institutions in market environment
  • Dataware of the students
Lunch: 13:00
Topic III: the system of 100 % employment
  • Education and acting production
  • Organizational structure of an educational institution in conditions of the market environment
Coffee break: 15:30
Topic III
  • Estimation of quality of operation of the teachers
  • Structure of the costs of an educational institution in market conditions
  • Annual Graduate Employment Report
Completion of the day. Summing up17:30
During the training distributing materials will be granted (questionnaire, booklets, practical recommendations), the role games, tests will be conducted, audio records will be listened, exercises will be performed.
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