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JSC  "Poltavhim"  - wholesale trade in  chemical products

JSC "Poltavhim" - wholesale trade in chemical products

The trading-industrial enterprise in Poltava carries out wholesale trade in chemical products. Constructional plastics, materials for electric, thermal, waterproofing isolation, rubber-technical products, and chemical reactants are not full list of the offered goods.

JSC "Poltavhim" in Poltava city operates in the markets of Ukraine since 1995.

Home Improvement Construction hangars furniture manufacturing plumbing Poltava

Refurbishment, construction of sheds, custom-made furniture.

Fabrication and installation of doors, windows and partitions.

Plumbing, water supply, drainage, heating, gas, air conditioning and ventilation.

Discounts on kitchen furniture.

Furniture from metal, a case, a bedside-table, a bed, a table, the equipment, equipment, agricultural stock, the safe, metal doors, a lattice for windows and doors, processing of metal


Processing of metal, manufacturing of metal furniture and the equipment in Poltava.

Welcome in hotel complex Tourist in Poltava

Welcome in hotel "Tourist"

The hotel in Poltava. Comfortable hotel numbers, cafe-bar, conference hall, points of hire boats. Parking places with round-the-clock protection, hairdressing saloon, sauna, internet. Rent of premises.

Diagnosis, treatment, healing, prevention of injuries, illnesses, deformations of the musculoskeletal system, ultrasound,  neurology, Poltava

Private orthopedic and trauma clinic in Poltava

Diagnosis, treatment, healing, prevention of injuries, illnesses, deformations of the musculoskeletal system, ultrasound.

Medical assistance on a wide range of injuries.

Ultrasonography (ultrasound) organs and tissues.

Diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases.

Poltava embroidery, Ukrainian souvenirs

Poltava embroidery, Ukrainian souvenirs

JSC "Lesya Ukrainka" Poltava, Ukraina create unique embroidered woman blouses, man's embroidered shirts, the Ukrainian national costume.

Ukrainian souvenirs are represented by oberigs and candlesticks, black smoky ceramics, coffee services, Opishnyanska decorative ceramics, potter's painted utensils - ugs, makitras, bowls, flowerpots, kumanci, kegs.

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Web design in Poltava
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