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Careers and Marketing

The one-day seminar for the managers in sphere of employment, job seekers, students

Why is relevant this training:

One of the most important decisions in your life is deciding in your career. Not only will a carrier choice affect your income and lifestyle, but it also will have a major impact on your happiness and self-fulfillment.

Such discipline like Marketing is contains an appendix titled Career and Marketing. Not only can it inform you about career opportunities it also provides a weaLtd of information to help you at each stage of your job search.

After completion of this training:

Essentially to increase chance of finding perspective job, which will meet your expectations.

Who should listen this course:

This course is designed for managers in sphere of employment, job seekers, students.

Schedule of the training:

Introduction, trainer, materials of the course, participants: 9:00
Topic I : Methods and tools of marketing9:45
Topic II: A self-assessment tool
  • Features - advantages benefits (FAB) matrix can help to identify personal needs, capabilities, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and determine job fit
  • Resources for job prospecting
Coffee break: 11:00
Topic II: How to write resume
  • How to write a professional cover letter
  • Self-preparedness test to determine readiness to interview
  • The process of job hunting
  • Pre-interview check list
Topic III: Tips to keep in mind while preparing for an interview
  • More then seventy frequently asked job interview questions
  • Questions to ask an interviewer
  • How to conduct yourself during the interview
  • How to handle objections raised by the interviewer
Coffee break: 15:30
Topic III: Tips on following-up after the interview
  • How to write a letter accepting the job offer
  • How to write a letter declining the job offer
Completion of the day. Summing up17:30
During the training distributing materials will be granted (questionnaire, booklets, practical recommendations), the role games, tests will be conducted, audio records will be listened, exercises will be performed.
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