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Energy of the Sun. Reality and Prospective of its usage

Training “Energy of the Sun. Reality and Prospective of its Usage”

The one day seminar for specialists in the fields of energy saving and ecology

Why this training is important?

Each day more energy falls to the Earth from the sun's rays than the total amount of energy the planet's 5.9 billion inhabitants would consume in 27 years. Only in the last few decades-when growing energy demands, increasing environmental problems and declining fossil fuel resources made us look to alternative energy options-have we focused our attention on truly exploiting this tremendous resource. the electrical system, which is utilized energy of the Sun, is simple and reliable during its usage. they do not have moving details or parts. Ukraina has a big potential in order to contribute it in solution of the Global warming problem.

After completing this training, the participants will be able to:

  1. Receive knowledge about possibilities of Ukrainians specialists and technology in the field of usage Suns energy.
  2. Familiarize with the achievements of other countries in the field of usage of alternate energy sources.
  3. See the ways how these purposes were achieved, how advanced countries went and how they solved the problem of increasing an environmental self-consciousness of the population;
  4. Understand that implantation of alternate energy sources fortifies democracy.
  5. Make sure that to use alternative sources of energy is possible.
  6. See the real paths toward solution of a problem of implantation technologies obtaining of different kinds of energy from energy of the Sun.
  7. To realize that it is necessary to change education program for schools and higher educational institutions;
  8. To analyze how modern childrens toys influence on developing ecological consciousness of children and youth;
  9. To know how to calculate the amount of energy that falls to the Earth from the sun's rays and to compare it with the energy receiving from burning of gas, oil and coal.

Who need to participate in this training

This training are developed for specialists in the field of energy usage, ecologists, teachers, members of community.

Schedule of the training

Introduction, trainer, materials of the course, participants 9:00
Topic I:Solar energy
  • Amount of energy falls to the Earth from the sun's rays.
  • Distribution of a total solar radiation in July in terrain of CIS.
  • The map of distribution of a total solar radiation in January in terrain of Ukraine.
  • Global warming and technology of transformation of solar energy.
Topic II:Solar energy in Ukraina

  • Solar energy in Ukraina and its equivalent of gas, oil and coal.
  • Strategies to change institutional norms regarding environmental literacy (e. l.) & sustainability (s.)
  • Silicon (Si) is the main material for solar cell's production.
Coffee break 11:00
Topic III:Ukraina and the World

  • Capacity for production of solar panels in Ukraina.
  • Importance and prospect of realization of projects of production of solar batteries in Ukraina.
  • One million solar roofs program and others important programs of implantation new technology into daily life.
  • Alternative sources of energy maintain democracy and sustainable development.
  • Branches of technologies which are used solar energy.
Topic IV: Machines of the future
  • Market review. Dynamic and prospects.
  • Science project of developing solar module production in Ukraina.
  • Samples of the domestic devices which are used sun's energy.
  • Children's toys: revolver or solar ventilator? What will the next generation choose?
Coffee break 15:30
Topic V: Education programs of schools and higher educational institutions, their impact on developing of ecological consciousness of youth and population of Ukraina.

  • Some examples how to supplement education programs with a section about solar energy and its usage.
  • Where to find energy? Examples of sum for lessons on physics at schools, colleges and universities.
  • Examples of lesson on physics in laboratory at schools, colleges, universities.
  • Example of course work.
  • Example of rigging of lab or cabinet of physics.
  • the real paths of overcoming the barriers.
Completion of the day. Summing up 17:30
In process of the training there will have been used personal brochures with questionnaires, useful information, practical recommendations. the exercises will be perform, the Web sites will have been visited.
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