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During training the managers of PrivatBank play the role game on usage the verbal and nonverbal communicationsTraining of staff - continuous and foregone process in conditions of competitive market economy.

The consulting Firm " Technologies of Sustainable Development " recognizes that staff is the main capital of any company. therefore, the importance of effective training cannot be overstated. To perform your job successfully and create a positive impression in the minds of customers, you and other frontline employees must be given the necessary tools. Depending on your position and your organization's focus our training might address interpersonal skills, technical skills, organizational awareness, or job skills.

To make the culture work, an organization must take great care in recruiting, selecting, and training qualified people. that's why, when you apply (or applied) for a job as a customer service professional, a thorough screening process will be (or was) used to identify your skills, knowledge, and aptitudes. Without motivated, competent workers, planning, policy, and procedure change or system adaptation will not make a difference in customer service. Many organizations go to lengths to obtain and retain the right employees. Employees who are skilled, motivated, and enthusiastic about providing service excellence are hard to find and are appreciated by employers and customers.

Although the idea may seem almost too simple, the bottom line is that without high-level customer service, companies lose business. Our trainings and consultations will show you exactly what to do, and what skills to develop and sharpen, to stop this from happening.

The technologies in a technical and administrative orb develop rapidly. To expect that as soon as possible competent workers will come from the labour-market or from educational institutions is not necessary. It is explained by a many reasons. therefore it is logically expediently to educate old" staff of the company, realizing continuous process of training and to give them modern knowledge related to the business.

It is well known that the marketing is a locomotive of free market economy. As there are many definitions of marketing below the American Marketing Association Definition is. It is important for comprehension of our concept of construction of trainings.

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.

The analysis of a situation in the Ukrainian market of products and services demonstrates, that the domestic goods and the services lose in competition not because of poor quality, but, first of all, because of non-compliance of principles of marketing, imperfections of relationships with the client (both internal, and external). the quality is only a finished result.

The basic ideas of training

Needs and wants of the customers. It is necessary for enterprizer and service provider to know it. the success in b competition is possible under condition of exact identification these wants and needs, then satisfaction of it.

The essential competitive advantages can be received in a cases:

  • creations of consumer value;
  • establishing and maintaining trust with customer;
  • maintaining of satisfaction of the client;
  • establishing and maintaining of the long-time relationship with the client;
  • encouraging customer loyalty.

The external and internal customers. the realities are those that Ukrainian enterprises not always think about establishing of the long-term relationships with the external customers. It is necessary to take into account, that without establishing of the long-term relationships not only with the external customer, but also with the internal customers (coworkers, employees of other department of branches, and other people who work within the same organization) on principles of marketing the success is not possible.

Expectations of the customers. the clients come to your organization, expecting, that certain things will occur related to the products and services they obtain. the comprehension of nature Expectations of the customers (external and internal) concerning firm's personnel, her goods and services will allow to plan the advertising campaigns, operation of the managers, development of new products.

Motivation of the workers. Not always wage and salary are basis for productive work. In 80 % of cases the so-called Law of justice acts.

The old and new client. Fundamental differences between the present accounting system and administrative account, which one develops and recommends by our firm to day-to-day operation, lie here. the customer is a person, which one provides the salary, profit, and perspective. the accounting of the new and old clients, lost clients are those requests, which one are dictated by modern business - environment. the reason of it lies in economical sphere: it will cost an organization at least five times more to acquire a new customer as it will keep an existing one.

Education of the clients. We justify necessity in parallel with training of own staff to be engaged in education of the clients. Education of the clients is a basic way to increase of sales of more and more complicated goods and services, decrease of dissatisfaction and petitions of the clients, create a long-term relationship with the client.

Sell benefits. In order to successfully compete on a market of products and services, the staff of the company should learn to sell benefits. And if there are not these benefits to create them.

How to sell the fan, which one is expensive in 5 times from that, which one in large quantity is presented in the market. Will the consumer by the electric power, which not costs $0,04 for one kilowatt-hour as usually, but costs about $300 (it is not an erratum) for one kilowatt hour? He will purchase! He also does it every day, purchasing, for example, galvanic elements for photo camera. In this case the benefits are sold, instead of electricity, though the client bys the electric power. In process of training we orient the listeners on development of skill to decide problems of the client and his firm.

To give to the client more then he expected. To do then was promised is the key to provide exceptional service. If not to do it, the service will be always below of the average.

Communication skill with the client. On trainings the listeners have been learning theoretical materials, practice in usage of the verbal and nonverbal two-way communication. they study to do presentations, to solve problems and complaints of the clients, to develop the concepts of service of the clients with a different type of behaviors.

The essential difference of trainings, which one have been conducting by consulting firm "Technologies of Sustainable Development", from trainings offered by other firms is that: we consider problems of serving the clients not only from the point of psychology. We in principle do not use aggressive, attacking marketing; we do not consider parties how to compel the workers "to shine" on the working place and many other similar things - such as these approaches contradict philosophy of marketing. the philosophy of marketing, as it is visible from definition above, is a fair exchange of values, instead of attack, pressing or enforcement of the client to purchase the goods or service.

In process of training we are tending to work with the group consisted from the employees of one company (department, division), in order to the listeners could receive not only knowledge and practical skills, but also to install and to maintain the business and friendly relations with the colleagues.

We adapt trainings to wants and needs of the firms - customers. therefore our trainings are interesting to the workers of firm, as they are invoked to decide actual problems of the concrete company.

We work with small groups of the listeners that allows during process of training to give attention individually to each listener.

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