The ways of overcoming of barriers

The reason of absence of advance in a broad introduction of technologies of transformation(conversion) of energy of the sun in electrical, thermal, mechanical, on our view, is that circumstance, that the society has no a sufficient level of a self-consciousness for comprehension and solution of this problem. It is necessary permanently and persistently to change of a self-consciousness of Ukrainians.

At the same time, in colleges. universities and high schools of the Poltava region there are not enough of programs, which could help to the students and schoolboys in development of knowledge indispensable for successful implementation energysaving technologies.

Already today it is possible to teach optional lessons, on which it is necessary to consider problems, lighted on this site.

The professor Debra Rowe, Ph. D. from Oakland Community College speaks, that today it is impossible to consider education as full, if the students do not study the programs on usage of alternate power sources.

On an example of the USA we see, that there are schools - Seaholm High School, colleges - Baker College, where under the special programs the schoolboys and the students study theory and practical usage of solar Batteries, which transform a sunlight directly into electrical energy.