Is intended for creation of an air current. Can be installed on a cap.

Technical parameters

Output power of a solar battery, mW 60
Power dispersed by a ventilator, mW 50
Amount of blades of a ventilator 3
Weight, gramme 44
Critical dimensions, mm 50х50х60
Stability to atmospheric precipitation


At lighting a solar battery by direct rays of the sun the ventilator starts to be spun and creates an air current. Usage of a ventilator allows to feel comfort from breeze in conditions of a hot and wet climate.

It is not only toy having restricted application. Buying cap with microventilator, adults and children can visually familiarize with a principle of direct conversion of energy of solar radiation in electrical, and then in energy of flow of air. Behind usage of energy of the sun the future sees. Give to children and adult caps with microventilators, which will change an ecological self-consciousness and will speed up the process of implantation in daily life usage of energy of the sun.