The radio set is equipped with a solar battery providing a complete charging current (50 ) of accumulators and consequently such radio set is irreplaceable in mountains, in wildernesses, in abnormal and extreme situations, where there is no possibility to replace the power supply or it to charge.

Technical parameters

Way of link Single-wavelength simplex
Working frequency, Hz 27150, 27175, 27200, 27225, 27250, 27275
The class of radiation F
Power of carrier of the transmitter, W 0,4+15%
Number of channels 1
Sensitivity of the receiver at a signal/noise ratio 12 dB, mkV 1
Supply voltage, V 6
Mass of a radio set, kg, unpacked, no more 0,6
The battery power 5 accumulators NKGC- 0,5

For improvement of quality of reception of the information in a radio set there is a mode of noise suppression. There is a tone ringing. A communication range in conditions of a line-of-sight up to 5 kms. In conditions of high-altitude urban building not less than 1 km.