The modern, high performance, ecologically pure power supply for radio equipment. Using solar batteries you will bring in the contribution to solution of problems energysaving and saving of the nature.

The main technical data

Power, Volt 9
Current, мА 110
Electrical power of the battery at power of solar radiation of 800 W / м2, W 1,0
Life expectancy, years 15
Critical dimensions, mm 135х115х15
Mass, kg 0,2

The battery is intended for immediate conversion of a solar energy in electrical and is for a current supply of radio equipment.

The cost of electrical energy is lower, than obtained from other off-line power supplies.

The battery substitutes chemical feeding devices, accumulators. IT is an ecologically pure energy source.

The solar batteries have long-lived life expectancy, work in a wide interval of temperatures.

Construction - plastic box, photoconverters on the basis of monocrystal silicon. Can be applied individually, and also in composition of the unit of heightened power.

Period of payback of a solar battery - 2 months.